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Looking for information pictues etc please
Hi MagnumRaine,

here information of Fadjur smile.gif A wonderful, well-written article about the Fabulous Fadjur Great reading!
Copyright Jack Tone Ranch

Best Regards,

The Fabulous Fadjur

(Fadheilan x Bint Sahara)

1952 – 1983

Bred by Harry Linden of Spokane, Washington

Owned & Loved by Marjory F. Tone of Jack Tone Ranch, Stockton, California
Marjory F. Tone first saw FADJUR when he was eight months of age. It was love at first sight. They became an invincible team who has gone down in Arabian horse breeding history. Marjory convinced her loving husband, Jack Tone, that FADJUR should be her stallion. Jack Tone made the call to purchase him for Marge’s birthday just two months before he was a year old, and weeks before he was to go to an Arabian horse auction. Frank and Helen McCoy owned Bint Sahara when FADJUR was foaled, and had described him to Marjory when she asked for his recommendation of a stallion who looked like his maternal sister, Fersara.

FADJUR became a very loved and admired member of the Tone family. FADJUR never left the Jack Tone Ranch in Stockton, California, except to venture to a horse show or two per year or to be shown on exhibition. FADJUR’s last show at the age of 23 was the prestigious Arabian Horse Association of the San Fernando Valley’s annual show in Santa Barbara. FADJUR won the Class A Stallion Halter Championship, judged by B. Paul Husband, and topped off one of the greatest Arabian show horse records of all time.

Marjory Tone’s guidance over FADJUR’s life included giving permission for him to be shown by her son-in-law, Paul Polk, (who had never even seen a horse show class!). Marge trained Paul to handle and show FADJUR in the way she loved to see him: FADJUR proudly showing off to the applause of Tone family and friends.

The pair, FADJUR and Paul Polk, became a show-stopping sight for the next twenty years of their lives. They won the most prestigious Halter Championships available at the time, in the most naturally animated, proudly showing off / having fun fashion! Just as Marge had imagined was possible.

Besides becoming a Legendary Show Horse and Sire, FADJUR -- the fuzzy little weanling colt with the beautiful little face and proud attitude Marge Tone fell in love with -- grew up to be everything she could possibly hope for as an Arabian stallion. He never lost his extreme proudness and the love of life Marge saw as he threw his tail over his back to show off for her that first meeting. Some of the features which made FADJUR stand out in everyone’s memory who saw him were: He was so extremely proud and loved to put on a show for people, whether in hand or free at home, he loved the applause! He would dance and prance, snorting and playing. His neck and tail held high, no matter how many hours the classes lasted nor how hot or cold the weather. He had a unique, unforgettably classic and chiseled head, with huge, dark, wide-set eyes, deeply dished profile, small muzzle, pronounced tear bones, beautiful shapely ears and fine, shiny blood bay coat, with high black points, a big bursting star on his forehead, and a left hind sock. He had an extremely arched neck, arched highly out of his withers, and a high, straight, flag tail carriage. He had beautiful substance and muscling, with big wide hooves and large powerful, flat joints. -- Those who knew FADJUR best know he had the most remarkable character and disposition of kindness, intelligence, understanding and will to please. He was closest to Marge Tone, and seemed to understand every thought and communication she gave him.

For thirty-one years, FADJUR lived as King of the Jack Tone Ranch. His image still reigns over his Kingdom, through his line-bred descendants living there now.

Thinking horsemen the world over who have owned or worked with some FADJUR blooded horse, sooner or later return to seek out another. To re-attain the same passion he instilled in Marjory Tone so many years ago.

In 1999 FADJUR was honored by Western Horseman magazine in their book titled "Legends of the Arabian Breed ".
In 1999 FADJUR was inducted into the Arabian Horse Trust Hall of Fame, for his influence on the Arabian Breed
FADJUR helped his Dam, Bint Sahara and his lifetime mate, Saki, also obtain the honor of being inducted into the Arabian Horse Trust Hall of Fame for their influence on the Arabian Breed. And also to become the Leading Living Dams of Champions during their lifetimes. To this day, FADJUR’s descendants earned and hold this mind-boggling title of influence for producing Champion offspring.
FADJUR’s granddaughter, Autumn Fire, is the Leading Dam of National Winners today.
FADJUR’s great-granddaughter, TW Forteyna, is currently the Leading Living Dam of Champions, and is challenging Autumn Fire as Leading Dam of National Winners.
A survey by Arlene Magid discovered that of the "Leading Living Broodmares" today, THREE of the TOP FIVE producers are descendants of FADJUR.
27 Fadjur daughters have produced National winners -- 4 of them have produced 2 or more!
95 FADJUR daughters have produced champions, crossed with practically every bloodline of the Arabian breed.
12 FADJUR daughters are Aristocrats (producers of 4 or more champions).
FADJUR was the "Leading Living Sire of Champions" up until the time of his passing in 1983.
FADJUR’s grandson, Khemosabi was the heir apparent to FADJUR’s crown as "Leading Living Sire of Champions", and continues to earn that title to this day.
FADJUR was named a "Living Legend of the Arabian Breed," voted so by the membership of the International Arabian Horse Association
FADJUR was twice voted "Most Popular Stallion in the World," by a vote of subscribers to the Arabian Horse World magazine.
FADJUR was the Leading American Bred sire of Champions
FADJUR was the leading sire of foals registered with the Arabian Horse Registry of America for 10 years
FADJUR sired over 800 Purebred Arabian foals, all by natural cover -- His last foals were sired when he was 30 years of age.
FADJUR was the Leading Sire of Foals Exported to Other Countries
FADJUR descendants have held World Records and National Championships in numerous divisions and disciplines in the United States and Many Other Countries
FADJUR sons hold HALL OF FAME awards in Endurance, and Stock Horse disciplines, as well as producing RECORD TITLED offspring
FADJUR won his first National Title in 1959. He or his descendants have held National Titles every year since!
FADJUR won United States National Halter Stallion Top Ten Champion Awards, five times, SPANNING TEN YEARS!!
FADJUR was Reserve National Champion Halter Stallion twice, EIGHT YEARS APART, 1960 and 1968!! For his last Reserve National Championship, HE WAS 16 YEARS OF AGE! He competed against 60 other Champions in this class, from 5 different countries. FADJUR was National Champion on TWO of the three judges cards and dropped to Reserve by one vote
FADJUR tied for National Champion Halter Stallion a third time. He shared National Champion Position on the judges’ cards with his own son Ibn Fadjur, who would become Reserve National Champion Halter Stallion, and FADJUR, Top Ten. His daughter Jurneeka also won two National Performance Titles that year!
FADJUR won a Canadian National Halter Stallion Top Ten Champion Award, his only time shown there, AT AGE 17, and received a standing ovation.
FADJUR was FOUR times Pacific Coast Champion Stallion -- the first at four, the last at nine years of age.
FADJUR was Regional Champion Stallion twice, at fourteen and fifteen years of age!
FADJUR was Great Plains Champion Stallion, at Eighteen years of age!
13 FADJUR sons have sired National winners -- 8 of them have sired 2 or more National winners!
22 FADJUR sons are known to have sired champions (many more are undocumented)
26 FADJUR sons have sired 40 or more foals.
The TWO Arabians who have won the highest number of National Championships both descend from the Fabulous FADJUR: Bar-Fly (FADJUR grandson) in working western classes and Good Thunder (FADJUR great-grandson) in English and Harness classes!

1968 Reserve U.S. National Champion Stallion at age 16, the fabulous Fadjur! (with Kathleen Tone Hammer)

Fadjurs Victori by Fadjur

Photo by Patrick Berkery
Others photos wink.gif


Fadjur (with Jack & Marge Tone and Saki)

FADJURS PRIZE 1981 bay stallion (Fadjur x Marjianazem Tu, by Fadjur)

Ibn Fadjur (Fadjur x Saki)
Fadjur aged 26
...and Fadjurs Prize.
Hey Marianella, how are you getting more than one photo in one post? It ain't working for me!!

Julia smile.gif
An American Breeder
Way up North in Canada in Saskewatchan (hope I spelled it correctly - don't see a spell check) Charles and Gladys Dorsch imported Fadjawi -- a bay stallion who looked to all of us up North, including North Dakota and Montana, just like his sire. This stallion spread the alure of Fadjur all through that country.

One Montana man, Gene Smith, bred to him many times. Many in that region brought their mares. Gladys Dorsch was a wonderful ambassador for the breed and for Fadjur.
QUOTE (Magnum1 @ May 24 2003, 10:56 PM)
...and Fadjurs Prize.
Hey Marianella, how are you getting more than one photo in one post? It ain't working for me!!

Julia  smile.gif


The explanation in the private message tongue.gif
I have found my dream horse, unbelievable.............FADJUR...... [ I was born much toooooo late] ..... what a massive and beautiful creature.....
One of the great stories concerning Fadjur was the time the Tones had family and friends over to the ranch. During the day it was noticed that a small child of about four years old, if I remember correctly, had wandered off and there began a frantic seach for the child. They found the child playing in Fadjur's paddock. The child was sitting between the stallion's legs. Fadjur would not move until the child was picked up.
Of course FADJUR is the maternal grandsire of KHEMOSABI who inherited many of Fadjur's wonderful traits.
I scanned a pic of Fadjur from a 1965 Arabian Horse News (August) I got off ebay a few months ago. I bought the magazine because Fadjur is one of my all time favorite Arabians and one the 1st arabians I fell in love with thru photos.
Laura H.M.
Und das ist mein absoluter Liebling aus der Fadjur Linie: Fad Shaklan im Besitz von Elke Merz.
This is my absolut darling: Fad Shaklan (El Shaklan x Fadjur Joys), Owner: Elke Merz Om el Arab Germany

Photo: Pozniak
Und das ist mein absoluter Liebling aus der Fadjur Linie: Fad Shaklan im Besitz von Elke Merz.
This is my absolut darling: Fad Shaklan (El Shaklan x Fadjur Joys), Owner: Elke Merz Om el Arab Germany

Photo: Pozniak
Liz Salmon
I saw Fadjur on my very first visit to the US in 1977—what a lovely horse. I'm so glad that I got to see him in person. He left quite a legacy. Liz Salmon
Here is a photo of my yearling that has 6 crosses to Fadjur up close. Everytime I see various photos of his Fadjur, Prize, and Allah I see more and more of them in my boy.

And finally a photo that many of you have not seen. Khemo and Fadjur meet face to face.

Lets try one more time. smile.gif Khemo and Fadjur.

Dear Dawn,

thanks for that beautiful photo, a great memory for two great sires. smile.gif

Majestic Fadjur is very beautiful smile.gif


Awesome to see this picture posted here. I have this pic of Khemo and Fadjur saved on a disk for myself. I love seeing it and hopefully others will enjoy it too. thanks for posting it here for everyone else to enjoy it.
I 'm in heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........thanks for al the beautiful photo's................
gr,saskia stoker......
the Netherlands.
I'm a fan of this horse since my childhood.
Thanks to Marianella for providing all the
useful information and beautiful pictures
and thanks to all the others who shared
photos and memories.
The fabulous Fadjur - what an great horse!
Thank you Marianella for the kind words about my boy. It is my hope that he will be as good a sire as all his ancesors. smile.gif
Thanks Oliver smile.gif
Thanks Dawn, your sire will mark a good way. smile.gif

The Great Fadjur


(*Fadl x *Kasztelanka)

This bay stallion was born in 1942 at the Babson stud. His was, by far, the most successful branch of the *Fadl line (mostly due to the success of Fadjur's get).

Fadheilan was an ideal representative of the cross between an Egyptian stallion and a Polish mare. Bred by Babson, he was later sold to Harry Linden of Spokane, Washington, where he was used as the owner's personal riding mount on his large cattle ranch. After Mr. Linden's passing in the fall of 1962, Fadheilan was acquired by the Jack Tone Ranch. At the age of 21 Fadheilan was shown at the Cow Palace by the Tones, and won the Grand Championship, one of the most coveted awards in the Arabian show world. A personality horse who passed on his presence and vibrancy to his get and their succeeding generations, he sired champions Fadudda, Fadnica, and reserve National Champion Fadjur, the stallion who has started a new dynasty of his own in America. It was a great loss to many breeding programs that Fadheilan met with a tragic death at the age of 22.


Bint Sahara
(Farawi x Bint Sedjur)

Fadjur's dam, Bint Sahara, was a grey mare born in 1942. She was an outstanding broodmatron with nine champion offspring to her credit. Her equally stunning daughter, Fersara, produced another five champions of her own.

Paternal Grandfather:

(Ibn Rabdan x Mahroussa)

*Fadl was an Egyptian stallion born in 1930. He was the sire of Fadheilan. *Fadl was described as a horse who was all things to all men; endurance winner, polo pony, harness and pleasure horse, sire and child's mount. George Cason, one-time manager of the Babson Stud remembered *Fadl fondly: "*Fadl was an all-around horse - shown Western, English, 3-gaited and polo." He also became a 100 mile race winners.

Paternal Grandmother:

(Koheilan I x Bialogrodka)

*Kasztelanka is well remembered (at least by the older crowd) as the dam of "the fiery Fadheilan". She was a bay mare born in 1929 and then imported from Poland in 1938 by Henry Babson. She was a moderately successful racehorse in Poland, having placed in each of her four races. It is believed that she is the source of the presence and animation seen in Fadjur and most of his get.

Best Regards,

Marianella smile.gif
Oh that arabiac saddle and bridle are on display at the Tone's ranch. If I remember correctly it was a gift to the Tone's from Prince of Morocco.
MY mom has an unregistered gelding, and we dont know his breeding, but after seeing thses pictures of Fadjur, I am positive that he is closely related! Tank is the spitting image of FAdjur!!!
Just out of curiousity, how were fadjur's legs? Tank has some pretty funky front legs...

Athenaahh, Fadjur's legs were excellent. I've not seen better on a horse. smile.gif

I want to thank you, who have posted pictures & nice stories about Fadjur. He was really *something* special, a once-in-a-century horse, as was the relationship he shared with my Grandmother. I'll post another picture here for you (perhaps one you haven't seen?). And I wanted to let you know that we continue to breed horses in Fadjur's image (our ideal) here at Jack Tone Ranch. We work to combine in-breeding & line-breeding to Fadjur with our foundation mare lines and judicious outcross selections into magnificent Arabian horses in Fadjur's likeness. (If you want to see more, check out )

Margie smile.gif

This is one of my favorite photos of Fadjur & Marge Tone, they're both so proud....
Here's a photo of a wonderful young mare, Sombras de Fadjur (Fadjurs Prize x *Mismita). I selected her to show you, in case you may be familiar with her dam line. *Mismita was bred by Julio Mendez of Argentina; he continues probably the oldest Arabian horse breeding ranch in the world. Julio combined lines from Marbach, Crabbet & Poland with *Mismita, including a line to Halef (Enwer Bey x *Kasztelanka) -- this line is of particular interest to us because it is a different source of *Kasztelanka, Fadjur's Polish grand-dam. And so this beautiful filly is a product of in-breeding to Fadjur (double-Fadjur sire) and line-breeding to *Kasztelanka. She's Big and Very Bold! (and we like her a lot!)

Margie biggrin.gif
And here is a photo of a yearling colt (shown at age 3 mos) who illustrates the intense in-breeding we've been doing with Fadjur. Fadjurz Ideal (Fadjurs Prize x Fadjurs Marcella) is 4x Fadjur (sire & grand-sire of both parents). He was the perfect foal, hence his name, and he is growing up beautifully!

Margie biggrin.gif

WOW!!! lovely horses!


WOW, simply gorgeous arabs you have!!

We had the honor of owning a granddaughter of Ibn Fadjur for 28 years. We bred Mah Fadjur to her dam and kept that foal her entire life. She was not a purebred but 3/4 arab and 1/4 morgan. We literally were stopped all the time on the trails etc, with people who just wanted to see her. She was mistaken for a purebred all the time. Attached is a photo of her when she was in her 20's.

I can honestly say, that there is no horse in this world that is like the Fadjur bred horses. They touch your heart in the most unusual way, and from then on you just have to have those bloodlines. They have tremendous heart, and will just do anything for you. They can put on a show, and then also be the most trustworthy companion with a child.

Thank you for preserving Fadjur's blood!!

Here is Sahrin (Mah Fadjur x Sheba)
As you can tell by my avatar Fadjurz Trali is one of my favorites. She is actually my favorite mare, followed by Bint Gypsy Rose, and of course there are others on my lists. She is a beautiful mare!!
Hi -

I recently purchased on e-bay a booklet celebrating the Jack Tone Ranch's bi-centennial (1976). It has some great photos of Fadjur and the some of the other Tone horses, plus info on the history of the ranch and Fadjur as well as notes on dozens of his get (including highlights of their show wins). Including the covers (they both have photos/illustrations) it is 28 pages long, so waaaaaaaay to long to reproduce here. If anyone is interested, please e-mail me and for copying + postage I'll be happy to send you a hard copy. I'll have to check at Office Max to see what they charge per copy. My postage scale recently got sat on by a 160 lb dog, so it isn't working too well. I think will weigh beween 4-5 oz. I'll check on that, too, when I see about the copying fees.

I have tons of SE and other Arab photos scanned (an on-going process). I'm up to 3021 as we speak and am happy to e-mail them to anyone interested - freeof charge, of course. I'm only asking for costs on the other because of its length. As for the other 3000 photos, feel free to e-mail me privately and ask away!

All I ask is that you give me the horse's name. Please don't ask for "every horse related to *Morafic" or "every horse owned by Gerry Donoghue, " etc. There's just no way I can track them all down. I also have a bunch of old Arabian Horse Yearbooks that I'm working on scanning (1961-76). I've only just begun scanning them, but if there's a SPECIFIC horse you're interested in, drop me a line and I'll try to oblige.

A question: does anyone have or know where I can find any on-line indeces to past issues of the AH World, AH Times, AH Journal and AH News? One of these years I'm planning to scan some of the photos in these (I have some going back in the 1960s) and would love to try and get a better handle on them for reference sake.

Thanks a lot. I look forward to hearing from you and (hopefully) sharing some photos. I am particularly interested in *Morafic, *Faleh and the Gleannloch horses, in particular. Oh heck, I just love all of Nazeer's line! I don't have a complete list of them put together yet (shame on me for violating my own rule) wink.gif , but I would be extremely greatful for anything you might have floating around that comes to mind that you could share. Thanks again.

Cassie Elam
Can I show off my Fadjur girl as well. smile.gif This is Fadjurz Eleganz!
Can I show off my Fadjur girl as well. smile.gif This is Fadjurz Eleganz! Oh and in reference to the legs... Not a bad set of legs on any horse that I saw at JTR.

I have to just say that I LOVE this topic. These are all such fabulous horses. Fadjur sure left a HUGE contribution to this breed!!
rolleyes.gif It is heart warming to see how many lives this wonderful stallion has touched. I don't know how to post a picture here, maybe Dawn will post my favorite head shot photo of Allah Fadjur. This line is so consistant, talanted and beautiful...Jan

You are welcome to send the photo to me, and I will post it for you too.
I just wanted to contribute with a photo...
I would like to speak about Fadjur but I'm afraid I ain't very familiar with him. I now realize he sired very good horses and gave a great legacy.
What I appreciated the most when I read my first article about him was to see how the Tones loved him! I know all those great stallions and mares were loved, but it is always interesting & nice to read the description made by the owner and friends of the horses themselves. rolleyes.gif
Marge Tone had been told he was too muscular and not the type which was looked for... but she believed in Fadjur and did well!


Photo (of course.. smile.gif it is written) by Johny Johnston
Hi Ness wink.gif

Nice to see you back!
Thanks for posting this picture, it's one of my favourites of Fadjur, nice to see it again!

Dear Ness,
thanks by Fadjur´s photo! smile.gif

Dear Dawn,
I adore Fadjurz Elegant!! biggrin.gif

FadMargie and Cassie,
Thanks! smile.gif

Best Regards,

Per Jan's request here is Allah her stallion sired by Fadjurs Prize.


Also I got a half way decent shot of my boy Majestic Fadjur and here it is. smile.gif His sire is Allah.

This is sure fun reading all the great Fadjur stories, about the special Fadjur descendants you all have known & loved. smile.gif They really do take hold of your heart like no other.

I'll post a couple more photos for you. Here are 2 that I don't think have been published anywhere. They're really just snap-shots taken by admirers who gave them to Gran, but I like them.

Margie cool.gif
Fadjur at Santa Maria, age 23 (I think):
This is my quadruple Fadjur stallion -- Fadjurz Valiant (Fadjurs Prize x Fadjurs Joyous) -- he's a 3/4 brother to Jan's Allah Fadjur, except Allah's dam line goes to Fer-Natta & Valiant traces to Saki.....

Margie smile.gif
Journey -- Hah! biggrin.gif I didn't recognize Trali until you said so! And I am the photographer who took that picture! tongue.gif Here's a more recent photo of Trali, from last October when our dear friends Jan & Dawn came to visit.....

Margie smile.gif

p.s. Cassie, do you have any more photos of *Kasztelanka? I have only seen that one photo of her (and I was very lucky indeed to see an antique 8mm movie of her once). Do you have anything of Bialogrodka (PASB)? Koheilan I ? I would love to learn more about that family line.....
Just a side note, Fadjur's presence is still felt in the show ring today as Lasado+//, multi-US National Champion in Dressage, traces to Fadjur.
Here's one of Kasztelanka. I don't have any of Bialogrodka or Koheilan I yet.

Thank you for posting more photos of the Fabulous Fadjur. I'm just loving them!! At the moment we don't have any Fadjur bred horses now sad.gif We are at our limit here. But we do have plans on having a Fadjur bred horse here again, sometime in the future. It is hard to describe, but it just isn't the same without one here. Their presence is just so magnificent. smile.gif

Thanks for the new pic of Trali too. She is my favorite arabian mare, followed by Sids Magic Fad.
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